24 Days - 23 Nights / Cordillera Blanca

ISHINCA VALLEY is one of the unique valley that offers few non-technical mountain climbs such as Urus (5,450m), Ishinca (5,530m) and few six thousand peaks as Tocllaraju, Ranrapalca and Palcaraju with possibility to climb from the same Base Camp. At this program we will spend several days acclimatizing, increasing and build your climbing skills and if it´s possible summiting Urus, Ishinca, and Tocllaraju.

ALPAMAYO it is part of Pucajirca massif and it´s located in the northern sector of Cordillera Blanca. In July 1966 was named as "The Most Beautiful Mountain in the World" by the German magazine "Alpinismus”.

This climbing experience is ideal for those people who are seeking technical challenge at high altitude. Our programs follows the “French Direct” route which means eight pitches climb on perfect snow and ice conditions; slopes between 50, 60, 65 and nearly 70 / 80 degrees of few steps and ending on knife-edged beautiful summit corniced ridge.


HUASCARAN is the highest mountain in Cordillera Blanca as well as in whole Peru. It is part of Huascaran massif and it consists in two peaks North and South. The south peak is the most frequented climb during the seasons.

Our normal expeditions climb by the Garganta which is North West and known as the Normal Route.

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